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NEVYANSK, NEVYANSKIY Or Neyvinskiy Zavod, a town of Russia, in the government of Perm, 57 m. by rail N.N.W. of Ekaterinburg, on the eastern slope of the Ural mountians, in the populous mountain valley of the Neyva, in a district very rich in iron and auriferous sands. Pop. (1881) 13,980; (1897) about 16,000, all Great-Russians and mostly Nonconformists, who are employed, partly at the iron-works, partly in various small industries, such as the manufacture of boxes, widely sold in Siberia, iron wares and boots, and partly in agriculture. The iron-works at Nevyansk are the oldest in the Urals, having been founded in 1699. In 1702 Peter the Great presented them to Demidov, with 3,900,000 acres of land. Several other ironworks are situated within a short distance, the chief being Verkhne-Neyvinsk, 8 m. S.; Neyvo-Rudyansk, 8 m. S.; Petrokamensk, 32 m. N.E.; Neyvo-Shaitansk, 20 m. lower down the Neyva; and Neyvo-Alapayevsk, 64 m. N.E. of Nevyansk.

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