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NEWCASTLE, a city and the county-seat of Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., on the Shenango river, at the mouth of Neshannock Creek, about 50 m. N.N.W. of Pittsburg. Pop. (1890) 11,600; (1900) 28 ,339, 53 2 4 being foreign-born and 463 negroes; (1910) 36,280. It is served by the Pennsylvania, the Erie, the Baltimore & Ohio, the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie railways. Cascade Park, in the neighbourhood, is a pleasure resort. The surrounding country, with which the city has an extensive trade, is well adapted to agriculture, and abounds in bituminous coal, iron ore, limestone, sandstone and fire-clay. In 1905 the city ranked fifth among the cities of the state in the value of its factory product, and of its products (valued at $29,433,635, an increase of 47.1% since 1900) iron and steel, and tin and terne-plates were the most important. Newcastle was founded in 1802, became a borough in 1869, and was first chartered as a city in 1875, its charter being revised in 1887.

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