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NEWMILNS, a manufacturing town and police burgh of Ayrshire, Scotland. Pop. (1901) 4467. It is situated 72 m. E. of Kilmarnock by the Glasgow and South-Western railway. It was made a burgh of barony in 1490 by James IV., the charter being confirmed in 1566 by Sir Matthew Campbell, the laird of Loudoun, in which parish the town is situated. Muslinand lace-curtain making and the manufacture of mosquito-nets are the chief industries. Nearly 2 m. E. lies Darvel (pop. 3070), a police burgh and manufacturing town, with a station on the Glasgow and South-Western railway; its chief manufactures are those of lace curtains, muslins and carpets. Two miles E. rises Loudoun Hill (1036 ft.) where Robert Bruce defeated the English in 1307, and about a mile farther E. is the cairn raised to commemorate one of Wallace's victories.

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