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NIAGARA FALLS (formerly Clifton or Suspension Bridge), a town and port of entry of Welland county, Ontario, Canada, 40 m. S.S.E. of Toronto, on the west bank of the Niagara river and opposite the Falls. Pop. (1901) 4244. It is a station on the Grand Trunk, Michigan Central and St Catharines & Niagara Central railways, and has electric railway communication with the chief towns in the neighbourhood. Three large steel bridges connect it with the American town of Niagara Falls on the opposite bank. Its importance is chiefly due to the tourist traffic, but the unrivalled water power is being more and more employed. Factories have sprung up, and power is transmitted to Toronto and other cities. A beautiful park, named after On the night of the 10th of December 1813 the American general George McClure (1771-1851), upon abandoning Fort George, set fire to Newark, almost destroying the town and causing great suffering among the inhabitants. McClure attempted to justify this act by a strained construction of a letter to him from the secretary of war, but it was promptly disavowed by the United States government. The burning of Newark led to severe reprisals on the part of the British.

Queen Victoria, extends along the bank of the river for 22 m. above the Falls.

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