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NIEDERBRONN, a town of Germany, in the imperial province Alsace-Lorraine, on the Falkensteiner Bach, situated under the eastern slope of the Vosges, 12 m. N.W. from Hagenau by rail. Pop. (1905) 3120. It contains an Evangelical and a Roman Catholic church, a convent of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer, and a high-grade and other schools. Niederbronn is one of the best-known watering-places in the Vosges. Its brine springs, with a hydropathic establishment attached, are specific in cases of gout, obesity and liver disorders. Here, on the 26th of July 1870, the first engagement between the Germans and the French in the Franco-German war took place. There are several ruined castles in the neighbourhood, the most noteworthy of which is one on the Wesenburg (1415 ft. high) erected in the 14th century. Various Celtic and Roman antiquities have been found around Niederbronn.

See Kuhn, Les Eaux de Niederbronn (3rd ed., Strassburg, 1860); Mathis, Aus Niederbronns alten Zeiten (Strassburg, 1901); and Kirstcin, Das Wasgaubad Niederbronn (Strassburg, 1902).

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