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NIENBURG ON THE WESER, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover, situated on the Weser, 33 m.

N.W. from Hanover by the railway to Bremen. Pop. (1905) 9638. It has an Evangelical and a Roman Catholic church, a classical school and an agricultural college. Its industries consist chiefly in glass-blowing, distilling, biscuit-making and the manufacture of manures. The town is mentioned as early as 1025. It was fortified in the 12th century, obtained municipal rights in 1569, and passed in 1582 to the house of Luneburg. It was occupied by the imperialists from 1627 to 1634, and by the French during the Seven Years' War. The walls were dismantled by order of Napoleon I. in 1807.

See Gade, Geschichte der Stadt Nienburg an der Weser (1862).

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