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NOGENT-SUR-MARNE, a town of northern France, in the department of Seine, on a hill on the right bank of the Marne, 6 m. E. of Paris by rail. Pop. (1906) 11,463. The Eastern railway here crosses the Marne valley by a viaduct 875 yds. in length. Nogent has a Gothic church, with a tower of the Romanesque period, in front of which there is a monument to Watteau, who died here in 1721. Chemical products are manufactured. The fine situation of the town gained it the name of Beaute, and Charles V. built a château here (demolished in the ,8th century) which was presented by Charles VII. to Agnes Sorel with the title of Dame de Beaute. An island in the Marne to the south of the town is still known as the Ile de Beaute.

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