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NOMENTUM (mod. Mentana), an ancient town of Italy, 14 In.

N.E. of Rome by the Via Nomentana. It was a Latin town, but was by some considered to be Sabine, and, like Fidenae and Ficulea, was excluded from the first region by Augustus, who made the Anio its northern boundary. Nomentum received the civitas sine suffragio after the last war of the Latins against Rome (338 B.C.); in its municipal constitution the chief magistrate even in imperial times bore the title of dictator. Pliny and Martial often praise the fertility of its neighbourhood. The site of the town is well protected by ravines except on the east; no ancient remains exist in situ, but inscriptions and other relics have been found.

See T. Ashby in Papers of the British School at Rome, iii. 68 sqq.

(T. As.)

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