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NORDERNEY (i.e. " northern island"), an island of Germany, in the North Sea, the largest of the East Friesland group, belonging to the Prussian province of Hanover. Pop. (1905) 3888. It is 8 m. long and about 12 m. broad, and supports a seafaring and fishing population. It is reached by steamer from Geestemiinde, Emden, Bremen or Hamburg, and at low tide by road from the mainland. The village at the S.W. end of the island is one of the most popular sea-bathing places in Germany, and is visited annually by some 26,000 visitors. On the S. side rises a lighthouse 175 ft. high, while the E. end of the island is filled with sand dunes ranging in height from 50 to 75 ft. Norderney is immortalized by its association with Heinrich Heine's Nordseebilder. See Berenberg, Das Nordseebad Norderney (Norden, 18 95); C. Herquet, Geschichte der Inset Norderney 1398 -1711 (1890); and the article FRISIAN ISLANDS,

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