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NORDFJORD, an inlet of the west coast of Norway, penetrating the land for 50 m. in an easterly direction, its mouth being 115 m. by sea N. of Bergen (6, 0 50' N.). No part of Norway affords finer scenery than the inner ramifications of this fjord among the snowy mountains of the northern Jostedalsbrae. Driving-roads penetrate the mountains from Visnaes eastward to the Gudbrandsdal, from Utvik southward to Vadheim on the Sogne Fjord, and from Faleide northward to Hellesylt (Geiranger Fjord) and Oje (Jorundsfjord). Nordfjordeid is a large village on the outer fjord, at the mouth of Hornindalen. Olden and Loen are other favourite centres on the inner part of the fjord. A small but powerful breed of horses is peculiar to the Nordfjord district.

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