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NORMAN, a city and township (coextensive) and the countyseat of Cleveland, Ohio|Cleveland county, Oklahoma, U.S.A., about 2 m. N. of the Canadian river, and 18 m. S. by E. of Oklahoma City. Pop. (1890) 787; (1900) 2225; (1907) 3040. It is served by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railway. It is the seat of the university of Oklahoma (chartered, 1892; opened 1894; coeducational), which includes a college of arts and sciences, schools of applied science,medicine, pharmacy, mines and fine arts, and a preparatory school, and in 1908 had 56 instructors and 790 students. The Oklahoma Insane Asylum is in the city. Cottonseed oil, flour and ice are manufactured, and the neighbouring region produces much cotton, Indian corn, oats, alfalfa and wheat. Hogs, cattle and sheep are raised. The first settlement here was made in 188 9, and Norman was chartered as a city in 1902.

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