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NOVOGEORGIEVSK. (1) A town of Russia, usually known under the name of Krylov, in the government of Kherson, at the confluence of the Tyasmin with the Dnieper, 17 m. W.N.W. of Kremenchug. Its fort was erected by the Poles in 1615. The inhabitants carry on a lively trade in timber, grain and cattle, and have a few flourmills and candle-works. Pop. (1897) 11,214. (2) A first-class fortress of Russian Poland (called Modlin till 1831), at the confluence of the Narev (Bug) with the Vistula, 23 m. by rail N.W. of Warsaw. Modlin was first fortified under the Napoleonic regime in 1807, and in the wars of 1813 and 1830-31 underwent several sieges. Since that time the Russians have made many additions to the works, and the place now forms, with Warsaw, Ivangorod and Brest-Litovsk, the so-called Polish Quadrilateral. The strength of Novogeorgievsk lies mainly in the new circle of eight powerful forts, erected at a mean distance of 10 m. from the enceinte. The importance of the fortress lies in the fact that it prevents Warsaw from being turned by a force on the lower Vistula and commands the railway between Danzig and Warsaw.

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