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NOVOMOSKOVSK, a town of Russia, in the government of Ekaterinoslav, 16 m. N.E. of the town of Ekaterinosla y. Including several villages which have been incorporated with it, it extends for nearly 7 m. along the right bank of the Samara, a tributary of the Dnieper. In the 17th century the site was occupied by several villages of Zaporogian Cossacks, known under the name of Samarchik. In 1687 Prince Golitsuin founded here the Ust-Samara fort, which was destroyed after the treaty of the Pruth (1711), but rebuilt in 1736, and the settlement of Novoselitsy established. The inhabitants of Novomoskovsk, who numbered 23,381 in 1900, are chiefly engaged in agriculture, though some are employed in tanneries, and there is a trade in horses, cattle, tallow, skins, tar and pitch. In the immediate neighbourhood is the Samarsko-Nikolayevskiy monastery, which is visited by many pilgrims.

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