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NUORO, a town and episcopal see of Sardinia, Italy, in the province of Sassari, 382 m. E. of Macomer by rail. Pop. (1901) 6739. It is situated 1905 ft. above sea-level in the east central portion of the island, amid fine scenery. Nuoro was the capital of a province from 1848 to 1860. It is connected by road with Fonni, Bitti and Orosei. An inscription discovered in situ about 13 m. W. of Nuoro in 1889, near Orotelli, has the letters FIN NVRR (fln(es)Nurr...), which are explained as referring to the boundaries of the territory of Nuoro in Roman times, showing (what was not known before) that the name and the place are of Roman origin (F. Vivanet in Notizie degli scavi, 1889, 202). (T. As.)

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