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SIR GEORGE STRONG NARES (1831-), English Arctic explorer, son of a captain in the navy, was educated at the Royal Naval College at New Cross, and entered the navy in 1846. After being employed for some time on the Australian station, in 1852 he became mate of the "Resolute" in the Arctic expedition which was sent out in that year. Serving in the Crimea upon his return, he was appointed lieutenant in charge of the naval cadets on the inauguration of the "Britannia" training ship, and was then employed in surveying work on the N.E. coast of Australia and in the Mediterranean, attaining the rank of captain in 1869. While in command of the "Challenger" (1872-1874), in the famous voyage of deep-sea exploration round the world, he was ordered home to take command of the Arctic expedition which set sail in the spring of 1875 in the ships "Alert" and "Discovery." He published a narrative of the voyage on his return, and for his services was made K.C.B. (1876). Two years later he was sent in command of the "Alert" to survey Magellan Strait. From 1879 to 1896 he was attached to the Harbour Department of the Board of Trade. He retired from active service in 1886, and became a vice-admiral in 1892. (See POLAR REGIONS.)

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