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"SIR HENRY JOHN NEWBOLT (1862-), English poet (see 19.463), was knighted in 1915 and was made a Companion of Honour Jan. r 1922. His Poems New and Old appeared in 1912; Drake's Drum and other Sea Songs (1914) and Aladore (1914). During the World War he was engaged on naval records for the British Admiralty, and in 1902 he published a Naval History of the War. His Tales of the Great War (1916), The Book of the Happy Warrior (1917) and Submarine and Anti-Submarine (1918) were written primarily for the young. He also published A New Study of English Poetry (1917); Poetry and Time (1919). His chief contributions to war poetry appeared in 1918 as St. George's Day and other Poems.

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