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VICTOR NESZLER (1841-1890), German musical composer, was born on the 28th of January 1841 at Baldenheim, near Schlettstadt. At Strassburg he began his university career with the study of theology, but he concluded it with the production of a light opera entitled Fleurette (1864). To complete his knowledge of music Neszler went to Leipzig to study under Hauptmann. His opera Der Trompeter von Siickingen, based on Scheffel's poem, was composed and performed in 1884. Besides a number of other operas, Neszler wrote many songs and choral works; but it is with the Trompeter von Sdckingen that his name is associated. He died at Strassburg on the 28th of May 1890. In 1895 a monument to him by Marzolff was erected there.

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