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ADAM ADOLF OBERLANDER (1845-), German cari - caturist, was born at Ratisbon, but after 1847 lived in Munich. He studied painting at the Munich Academy under Piloty, and soon discovered that the true expression of his genius was in the field of caricature and comic drawings. He joined the staff of the Fliegende Blotter, to which he became a constant contributor. Unlike Busch, whose aim was the utmost simplicity of line and whose drawings form a running commentary to the legend, Oberlander's work is essentially pictorial, and expressive in itself, without the extraneous aid of the written line. Among his best drawings are his parodies on the style of well-known painters, such as the "Variations on the Kissing Theme." His works have been collected in the Oberlc nder-Album, published by Braun and Schneider in Munich.

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