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HANS KONRAD VON ORELLI (1846-), Swiss theologian, was born at Zurich on the 25th of January 1846 and was educated at Lausanne, Zurich and Erlangen. He also visited Tubingen for theology and Leipzig for oriental languages. In 1869 he was appointed preacher at the orphan house, Zurich, and in 1871 Privatdozent at the university. In 1873 he went to Basel as professor extraordinarius of theology, becoming ordinary professor in 1881. His chief work is on the Old Testament; in addition to commentaries on Isaiah, Jeremiah (1886), Ezekiel and the Twelve Prophets (1888), most of which have been translated, he wrote Die alttestamentliche Weissagung von der Vollendung des Gottesreiches (Vienna, 1882; Eng. trans. Edinburgh, 1885), Die himr y nlischen Heerschaaren (Basel, 1889), and a journal of Palestinian travel, Durchs Heilige Land (Basel,'1878).

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