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JOHN EVELYN DENISON OSSINGTON, VISCOUNT (1800-1873), English statesman, was the eldest son of John Denison. (d. 1820) of Ossington, Nottinghamshire, where he was born on the 27th of January 1800. Educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, he became member of parliament for Newcastle-underLyme in 1823, being returned for Hastings three years later, and holding for a short time a subordinate position in Canning's ministry. Defeated in 1830 both at Newcastle-under-Lyme and then at Liverpool, Denison secured a seat as one of the members, for Nottinghamshire in 1831; and after the great Reform Act. he represented the southern division of that county from 183z until the general election of 1837. He represented Malton from 1841 to 1857, and North Nottinghamshire from 1857 to 1872. In April 1857 Denison was chosen Speaker of the House of Commons. Re-elected at the beginning of three successive parliaments he retained this position until February 1872, when he resigned and was created Viscount Ossington. He refused, however, to accept. the pension usually given to retiring Speakers. In 1827 he had married Charlotte (d. 1889), daughter of William, 4th duke of Portland, but he left no children. He died on the 7th of March. 1873, and his title became extinct.

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