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"NORMAN O'NEILL (1875-1934), British musical composer, was born in London March 14 1875. He was educated in London and afterwards at Frankfort-on-Main. His compositions include songs and chamber music; much incidental music including that to Hamlet (1904); A Lonely Queen, A Tragedy of Truth (1906); an overture In Spring Time (Birmingham Festival 1906); The Last Heir (1908); King Lear (1909); The Blue Bird (1909); The Golden Doom (1912); The Pretenders (1912) and Mary Rose (1920). In addition to music for the theatre O'Neill wrote the overtures In Autumn, In Spring Time, Hamlet, a series of Miniatures for small orchestra and another for a large orchestra; a piano quintet, two piano trios, a Scotch rhapsody for orchestra; the ballad, for baritone solo and orchestra, La Belle Dame sans Merci and much instrumental music in the smaller forms. He edited A Golden Treasury of Song, and the Ethical Hymn Book.

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