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OAMARU, a municipal borough on the east coast of South Island, New Zealand, in the county of Waitaki and provincial district of Otago; on the main railway between Christchurch (152 m. N.E.) and Dunedin (78 m. S.S.W.). Pop. (1906) 5071. It is the outlet of the largest agricultural district in New Zealand. A breakwater and mole, constructed of blocks of concrete. enclose a commodious basin, forming one of the safest harbours in the colony. The export of frozen meat is important. The town is built of white Oamaru limestone. Brown coal is obtained at the entrance of Shag valley, 40 m. S. The district is famed for its stock, and the fine quality of its grain; also for the character of the English grasses laid down there, which flourish in a rich black loam on a limestone formation.

From Kotschy, op. cit. Plate VII.

FIG. 8. - Q. Vallonea; half natural size.

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