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OCONOMOWOC, a city of Waukesha county, Wisconsin, U.S.A., about 33 m. W. of Milwaukee. Pop. (1890) 2729; (1900) 2880; (1905, state census) 3013. It is served by the Chicago, Ailwaukee & St Paul railway and by an electric railway connecting with Milwaukee. Oconomowoc is one of the most popular summer resorts in the Middle West. Along the shore of Lakes Fowler and La Belle are some beautiful country estates, several large hotels and fine club houses, and two sanatoria. At Delafield and at Dousman (8 m. S. of Oconomowoc) there are state fish hatcheries,the former for black bass. Oconomowoc was settled about 1837 and incorporated in 1875; its name is an Indian word, said to mean "home of the beaver."

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