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OEHRINGEN, a town of Germany, in the kingdom of Wurttemberg, agreeably situated in a fertile country, on the Ohm, 12 m. E. from Heilbronn by the railways to Hall and Crailsheim.

Pop. (1905) 3,45 o. It is a quaint medieval place, and, among its ancient buildings, boasts a fine Evangelical church, con taining carvings in cedar-wood of the 15th century and numerous interesting tombs and monuments; a Renaissance town hall; the building, now used as a library, which formerly belonged to a monastery, erected in 1034; and a palace, the residence of the princes of Hohenlohe-Oehringen.

Oehringen is the Vicus Aurelii of the Romans. Eastwards of it ran the old Roman frontier wall, and numerous remains and inscriptions dating from the days of the Roman settle ment have been recently discovered, including traces of three .camps.

See Keller, Vicus Aurelii, oder 0hringen zur Zeit der Rimer (Bonn, 1872).

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