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OSTERSUND, a town of Sweden, capital of the district (Ian) of Jemtland, on the east shore of StorsjO (Great Lake), 364 m. N. by W. of Stockholm by rail. Pop. (woo) 6866. It lies at an elevation of about 1000 ft. and is the metropolis of a mountainous and beautiful district. Immediately facing the town is the lofty island of FrOs, with which it is connected by a bridge 1148 ft. long. A runic stone commemorates the building of a bridge here by a Christian missionary, Austmader, son of Gudfast. Ostersund was founded in 1786. It has a considerable trade in timber, and a local trade by steamers on Storsjb. Electricity is obtained for lighting and other purposes by utilizing the abundant water-power in the district.

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