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QUERFURT, a town of Germany, in the province of Prussian Saxony, situated in a fertile country on the Querne, 18 m. W. from Merseburg, on a branch line from Oberroblingen. Pop. (1905) 4884. Its chief industries are sugar-refining, lime-burning and brewing. Querfurt was for some time the capital of a principality which had an area of nearly 200 sq. m. and a population of about 20,000. The ruling family having become extinct in 1496, it passed to that of Mansfeld. In 1635, by the peace of Prague, it was ceded to the elector of Saxony, John George I., who handed it over to his son Augustus of Saxe-Weissenfels; but in 1746 it was again united with electoral Saxony. It was incorporated with Prussia in 1815.

See Schneider, Querfurter Stadtand Kreischronik (Querf urt,1902).

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