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QUEZALTENANGO, the capital of the department of Quezaltenango, Guatemala, 70 m. by road W. of Guatemala city and at the terminus of a railway from Champerico on the Pacific coast. Pop. (1905) about 31,000. It is situated on the river Siguila, and at the foot of the volcano of Santa Maria. In size the second city in the republic, it has a large agricultural trade and manufactures of linen, woollen and cotton goods. It contains a fine cathedral and some good public buildings, including two national institutes for higher education; and it is well supplied with water and electricity for light and power. The majority of its inhabitants are Indians or half-breeds of Quiche descent. Quezaltenango was the capital of a Quiche kingdom, and was known as Xelahuh or Xelahue until 1524, when it was conquered by the Spaniards under Pedro de Alvarado. In 1902 it was partially destroyed by an earthquake and an eruption of Santa Maria.

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