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ADRIAN RELAND (1676-1718), Dutch Orientalist, was born at Ryp, studied at Utrecht and Leiden, and was professor of Oriental languages successively at Harderwijk (1699) and Utrecht (1701). His most important works were Palaestina ex veteribus monumentis illustrata (Utrecht, 1 714), and Antiquitates sacrae veterum Hebraeorum. (See also Burman, Traj. Erud., P. 2 9 6 seq.).

"Animadvers. criticae in Hamzae hist. regni Joctanidarum," in Eichhorn's Mon. Ant. Hist. Ar., 1775.

For this estimate of Reiske as a Greek scholar the writer is indebted to Prof. U. v. Wilamowitz-Moellendorff.

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