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"AGNES REPPLIER (1858-), American writer, was born in Philadelphia April t 1858. She was of French extraction and was educated at the Sacred Heart Convent at Torresdale, near Philadelphia. She was one of America's chief representatives of the discursive essay, displaying wide reading and apt quotation. Her writings contain much sound literary criticism as well as caustic comments on contemporary life. These characteristics were already apparent in the first essay which she contributed to the Atlantic Monthly (April 1886), entitled " Children, Past and Present." In 1902 the university of Pennsylvania conferred upon her the degree of Litt.D. She was the author of Books and Men (1888); Essays (1892); Essays in Idleness (1893); Philadelphia - the Place and the People (1898); Compromises (1904); In our Convent Days (1905); Americans and Others (1912); Counter-Currents (1915).

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