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"ANNE ISABELLA, LADY RITCHIE (1837-1919), English writer (see 26.716), eldest daughter of W. M. Thackeray, died at Freshwater, I. of Wight, Feb. 26 1919. She is best remembered perhaps as the author of Old Kensington (1873). Amongst her other novels were The Story of Elizabeth (1863) and The Village on the Cliff (1865). She also published various volumes of biographical essays (Madame de Sevigne, 1881, and A Book of Sibyls, 1883, etc.), and contributed a most interesting series of prefaces to the Library edition of her father's works, thus supplying a substitute for the regular biography of him that he had always deprecated. Her husband, SIR RICHMOND THACKERAY RITCHIE (b. 1854), became permanent Under-Secretary of State for India in 1910, and died Oct. 12 1912.

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