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AUGUST EMANUEL VON REUSS (1811-1873), Austrian geologist and palaeontologist, the son of Franz Ambrosius Reuss (1761-1830), was born at Bilin in Bohemia on the 8th of July 1811. He was educated for the medical profession, graduating in 1834 at the university of Prague, and afterwards practising for fifteen years at Bilin. His leisure was devoted to mineralogy and geology, and the results of his researches were published in Geognostische Skizzen aus Bohmen (1840-44) and Die Versteinerungen der Bohmischen Kreideformation (1845-46). In 1849 he gave up his medical practice, and became professor of mineralogy at the university of Prague. There he established a fine mineralogical collection, and he became the first lecturer on geology. In 1863 he was appointed professor of mineralogy in the university of Vienna. He investigated the Cretaceous fauna of Gosau, and studied the Crustacea, including entomostraca, the corals, bryozoa, and especially the foraminifera of various geological formations and countries. He died at Vienna on the 26th of November 1873.

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