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CARL AUGUST NICHOLAS ROSA (1843-1889), English musical impresario, was born at Hamburg, his family name (which he subsequently changed) being Rose. He started as a solo violinist, studying at Leipzig and Paris, and also had considerable success as a conductor both in England and America; and it was at New York in 1867 that he met and married the famous operatic soprano Madame Parepa (1836-1874), at whose death he afterwards endowed a Parepa-Rosa scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 1875 he started the Carl Rosa Opera Company, for producing the best operas in English versions, and both during his own life and after his death this company had much to do with popularizing good music in England, encouraging native composers and training a number of excellent singers. Carl Rosa married a second time in 1881, and died in Paris on the 30th of April 1889.

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