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"CECIL RALEIGH (1856-1914), English actor and playwright, was born Jan. 27 1856. He was the son of Dr. John Fothergill Rowlands, and took the stage name of Raleigh. He played for a time in musical comedy, but deserted acting for playwriting and, either alone or in collaboration, produced an immense number of melodramas, staged at first chiefly at the Comedy theatre, London, and in later years at Drury Lane. Cheer, Boys, Cheer (1895); Hearts are Trumps (1899); The Best of Friends (1902) and The Whip (1909-10) are typical examples. He also acted as dramatic critic to two or three London papers, and became secretary to the School of Dramatic Art in Gower St., London. He died in London Nov. 10 1914.

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