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CHARLES ROLLIN (1661-1741), French historian and educationist, was born at Paris on the 30th of January 1661. He was the son of a cutler, and at the age of twenty-two was made a master in the College du Plessis. In 1694 he was rector of the university of Paris, rendering great service among other things by reviving the study of Greek. He held that post for two years instead of one, and in 1699 was appointed principal of the College de Beauvais. Rollin held Jansenist (2 vols., 1895-96), in the "Library of Early English Writers." This includes many English prose treatises by Rolle, some beautiful examples of his lyric poems, and other treatises in prose and verse from northern MSS., some of which are attributed to Rolle, and others to his followers. Wynkyn de Worde printed in one volume, in 1506, Rycharde Rolle Hermyte of Hampull in his contemplacyons of the drede and love of God.. and the Remedy ayenst the troubles of temptacyons. Neither of these are accepted by Dr Horstmann as Rolle's work. His Latin treatises, De emendatione vitae and De incendio amoris, the latter one of the most interesting of his works, because it is obviously largely autobiographical, were translated (1434-35) by Richard Misyn (ed. R. Harvey, Early English Text Soc., 1896). The Pricke of Conscience was edited (1863) by Richard Morris for the Philological Society. His Commentary on the Psalms was edited by the Rev. H. R. Bramley (Oxford, 1884). Ten prose treatises by Richard Rolle from the Thornton MS.(c. 1440, Lincoln Cathedral Library) were edited by Canon George Perry for the Early English Text Society in 1866. Partial editions of his Latin works are dated Paris (1510), Antwerp (1533), Cologne (1535-36), Paris (1618); and in vol. xxvi. of the "Bibliotheca Patrum Maxima" (Lyons, 1677). The office, which forms the chief authority for Rolle's life, was printed in the York Breviary, vol. ii. (Surtees Soc., 1882), and in Canon Perry's edition referred to above.

See also Percy Andreae, who collated eighteen MSS. in the British Museum in his Handschriften des Pricke of Conscience (Berlin, 1888); Studien fiber Richard Rolle von Hampole enter besonderer Berficksichtigung seiner Psalmencommentare, by H. Middendorff (Magdeburg, 1888), with a list of MSS., sources, &c.; J. Zupitza in Englische Studien (Heilbronn, vols. vii. and xii.); A. Hahn, Quellenuntersuchungen zu Richard Rolle's Englischen Schriften (Halle, 1900); and for his prosody, G. Saintsbury, Hist. of English Prosody, vol. i.

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