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CHARLES STANLEY REINHART (1844-1896), American painter and illustrator, was born at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and after having been employed in railway work and at a steel factory, studied art in Paris and at the Munich Academy under Straehuber and Otto. He afterwards settled in New York, but spent the years 1882-1886 in Paris. He was a regular exhibitor at the National Academy in New York, and contributed illustrations in black and white and in colours to the leading American periodicals. He died in 1896. Among his best-known pictures are: "Reconnoitring," "Caught Napping," "September Morning," "Mussel Fisherwoman," "At the Ferry," "Normandy Coast," "Gathering Wood," "The Old Life Boat," "Sunday," and "English Garden"; but it is as an illustrator that he is best known.

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