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DANIELE RICCIARELLI (1509-1566), Italian artist, generally called, from the place of his birth, Daniele Da Volterra, studied painting under Sodoma and Peruzzi. Settling in Rome, he received abundant encouragement. His constant friend, Michelangelo, recommended him on all possible occasions, and he was commissioned to beautify with works of art a chapel in the church of the Trinita, to paint in the Farnese Palace, to execute certain decorations in the Palazzo de' Medici at Navona, and to begin the stucco work and the pictures in the Hall of the Kings. Towards the close of his life he turned his attention to statuary. His last work was a bronze horse intended for an equestrian statue of Henry II. of France. He died in 1566. The principal extant works of Ricciarelli are at Rome. These are a "St John the Baptist" in the picture gallery of the Capitol, a "Saviour bearing the Cross" in the Palazzo Rospigliosi, and a "Descent from the Cross," his masterpiece, in the church of Trinita de Monti. There is also an "Elijah" at Volterra.

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