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DAVID GEORGE RITCHIE (1853-1903), Scottish philosopher, was born at Jedburgh, son of the Rev. George Ritchie, D.D. He had a distinguished university career at Edinburgh, and Balliol College, Oxford, and after being fellow of Jesus and tutor of Balliol was elected professor of logic and metaphysics at St Andrews. He was president of the Aristotelian Society in 1898. Among his works are: Darwinism and Politics (1889); Principles of State Interference (1891); Darwin and Hegel (1893); Natural Rights (1895); a translation with R. Lodge and P. E. Matheson of Bluntschli's Theory of the State (1885); many articles in Mind, Philosophical Review, &c. His Philosophical Studies was edited with a memoir by R. Latta (1905).

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