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"DAVID ROBERT PLUNKET RATHMORE, 1ST Baron (1838-1919), Irish lawyer and politician, was born Dec. 3 1838, the third son of John, 3rd Baron Plunket (1793-1871). He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, taking his degree in 1859, and was called to the Irish bar in 1862. He was made Q.C. in 1868, and the same year became legal adviser to the Irish government. In 1870 he stood successfully as Conservative member for Dublin University, holding the seat for twenty-five years. From 1874 to 1877 Plunket was solicitor-general for Ireland, and in 1880 was for a short time paymaster-general. In 1885 he was first commissioner of works in Lord Salisbury's ministry, and resumed this post in 1886, when the Conservative party returned to power, holding it till 1892. In 1895 he was raised to the peerage. He died at Greenore Aug. 22 1919.

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