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ROTHELIN ROTHES, EARLS OF the religious and the moral life will vanish, and the Christian state, as the highest sphere of human life representing all human functions, will displace the church. "In proportion as the Saviour Christianizes the state by means of the church must the progressive completion of the structure of the church prove the cause of its abolition." The decline of the church is therefore not to be deplored, but recognized as the consequence of the independence and completeness of the Christian life. It is the third section of his work - the Pflichtenlehre - which is generally most highly valued, and where his full strength as an ethical thinker is displayed, without any mixture of theosophic speculation.

Since Rothe's death several volumes of his sermons and of his lectures (on dogmatics, the history of homiletics) and a collection of brief essays and religious meditations under the title of Stille Stunden (Wittenberg, 1872) have been published.

See F. Nippold, Richard Rothe, christliches Lebensbild (2 vols., Wittenberg, 1873-74); D. Schenkel, "Zur Erinnerung an Dr R. Rothe," in the Allgemeine kirchliche Zeitschrift (1867-68); H.Holtzmann, "Richard Rothe," in the Jahrbuch des Protestantenvereins (1869); K. H. W. Schwarz, Zur Geschichte der neuesten Theologie (4th ed., Leipzig, 186 9, pp. 4 1 7-44); Otto Pfleiderer, Religionsph'ilosophie auf geschichtlicher Grundlage (2nd ed., Berlin, 1884, vol. i. pp. 611 -15); cf. The Development of Theology in Germany since Kant (1890); W. Honig, Richard Rothe, sein Charakter, Leben and Denken (1898); Adolf Hausrath, Richard Rothe and seine Freunde (1902).

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