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"EDWIN ARLINGTON ROBINSON (1869-), American poet, was born at Head Tide, Me., Dec. 22 1869. From the public schools of Gardiner, Me., he proceeded in 1891 to Harvard, but withdrew after two years to take a business position in New York City. From 1905 to 1910 he was connected with the N.Y. Customs House, and then returned to Gardiner to devote his time to literature, and especially to poetry. He became a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

His works include The Torrent and the Night After (1896); The Children of the Night (1897); Captain Craig (1902); The Town down the River (1910); Van Zorn (1 9 14, a play); The Porcupine (1915, a play); The Man against the Sky (1916); Merlin (1917); Lancelot (1920); The Three Taverns (1920); Avon's Harvest (1921); Collected Poems (1921).

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