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EUGENE RENEVIER (1831-), Swiss geologist, was born at Lausanne on the 26th of March 1831. In 1857 he became professor of geology and palaeontology in the university at Lausanne. He is distinguished for his researches on the geology and palaeontology of the Alps, on which subjects he published numerous papers in the proceedings of the scientific societies in Switzerland and France. With F. J. Pictet he wrote a memoir on the Fossiles du terrain aptien de la Perte-du-Rhone (1854). In 1894 he was appointed president of the Swiss Geological Commission, and also of the International Geological Congress held,that year at Zurich, in the previous meetings of which he had taken a prominent part. He published a noteworthy Tableau des terrains se'dimentaires (1874); and a second more elaborate edition, accompanied by an explanatory article Chronographe geologique, was issued in 1897 as a supplement to the Report of the Zurich Congress. This new table was printed on coloured sheets, the colours for each geological system corresponding with those adopted on the International geological map of Europe.

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