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GABRIELLE REJANE [[[Charlotte|CHARLOTTE]] RFJu] (1857-), French actress, was born in Paris, the daughter of an actor. She was a pupil of Regnier at the Conservatoire, and took the second prize for comedy in 1874. Her debut was made the next year, during which she played attractively a number of light - especially soubrette - parts. Her first great success was in Henri Meilhac's Ma camarade (1883), and she soon became known as an emotional actress of rare gifts, notably in Decore, Germinie Lacerteux, Ma cousine, Amoureuse and Lysistrata. In 1892 she married M. Porel, the director of the Vaudeville theatre, but the marriage was dissolved in 1905. Her performances in Madame Sans Gene (1893) made her as well known in England and America as in Paris, and in later years she appeared in characteristic parts in both countries, being particularly successful in Zaza and La Passerelle. She opened the Theatre Rejane in Paris in 1906. The essence of French vivacity and animated expression appeared to be concentrated in. Madame Rejane's acting, and made her unrivalled in the parts which she had made her own.

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