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"GEORGE GILBERT RAMSAY (1839-1921), British classical scholar, was born at Fontainebleau July 19 1839, the third son of Sir George Ramsay of Banff and a member of a well-known family of scholars. He was educated at Rugby and Trinity College, Oxford, where he graduated first-class in Literae Humaniores (1861). He then became assistant to his uncle William Ramsay, professor of Humanity at Glasgow, and succeeded him in 1863, occupying the chair until 1906 and becoming a great teaching force in defence of a classical education. He was the first president of the Classical Association of Scotland which he helped to found. He was also a keen politician and a considerable athlete. His published work includes a Manual of Latin Composition (3 vols., 1st ed. 1884, 4th ed. 1897); an annotated version of The Annals of Tacitus (2 vols. 1904-9) and of the Histories (1915), as well as translations of Juvenal and Persius for the Loeb Library. He died at St. Andrew's 1farch 8 1921.

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