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"GIOVANNI TERESIO RIVOIRA (1849-1919), Italian archaeologist, was born at La Manta di Saluzzo in Piedmont Sept. 22 1849. He came of an old Piedmontese family and on his mother's side was descended from the Riccati (see 23.288), a family of mathematicians and architects. He took his training as an architect and engineer at the university of Turin, entered Rome with the Italian army in 1870 and thenceforth resided there, devoting his life to travel and to the study of the architecture of the later Roman Empire. In 1884 he married Edith E. Johnson of Cheltenham. He published two monumental works, Le Origini dell' Architettura Lombarda (1901-7, Eng. trans. 1910) and Architettura Musulmana (1914, Eng. trans. 1919). At the time of his death in Rome March 3 1919 he was engaged upon a third, Architettura Romana, which was posthumously published in Rome (1920) by his widow.

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