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HANS HENRIK REUSCH (1852-), Norwegian geologist, was born at Bergen on the 5th of September 1852. He was educated at Christiania, Leipzig and Heidelberg, and graduated Ph.D. at Christiania in 1883. He joined the Geological Survey of Norway in 1875, and became Director in 1888. He is distinguished for his researches on the crystalline schists and the Palaeozoic rocks of Norway. He discovered Silurian fossils in the highly altered rocks of the Bergen region; and in 1891 he called attention to a palaeozoic conglomerate of glacial origin in the Varanger Fiord, a view confirmed by Mr A. Strahan in 1896, who found glacial striae on the rocks beneath the ancient boulder-bed. Reusch has likewise thrown light on the later geological periods, on the Pleistocene glacial phenomena and on the sculpturing of the scenery of Norway. Among his separate publications are Silur fossiler og pressede Konglomerater (1882); Det nordlige Norges Geologi (1891).

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