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JOHN CHARLES RYLE (1816-1900), English bishop, was born at Macclesfield on the 10th of May 1816, and was educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was Craven Scholar in 1836. After holding a curacy at Exbury in Hampshire, he became rector of St Thomas's, Winchester (1843), rector of Helmingham, Suffolk (1844), vicar of Stradbroke (1861), honorary canon of Norwich (1872), and dean of Salisbury (1880); but before taking this office was advanced to the new see of Liverpool, where he remained until his resignation, which took place three months before his death at Lowestoft on the 10th of June 1900.

Rye (Secale cereale), one-fourth nat. size. 1, single spikelet; 2, single flower with awned plume and palea; 3, pistil; 4, grain. I, 2, 4, about two-thirds nat. size.

Ryle was a strong supporter of the evangelical school. Among his longer works are Christian Leaders of the Eighteenth Century (1869), Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (7 vols., 1856-69), Principles for Churchmen (1884). His second son, Herbert Edward Ryle (b. 1856), a distinguished Old Testament scholar, was made bishop of Exeter in 1901, and in 1903 bishop of Winchester.

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