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KARL FRIEDRICH AUGUST (1813- RAMMELSBERG 1899), German mineralogist, was born at Berlin on the 1st of April 1813. He was educated for the medical profession and graduated in 1837 at Berlin University. In 1841 he became privatdozent in the university, and in 1845 professor extraordinary of chemistry. This post he relinquished in 1851 to take the chair of chemistry and mineralogy at the Royal Industrial Institute. In 1874 he was appointed professor of inorganic chemistry, and director of the second chemical laboratory at Berlin. Distinguished for his researches on mineralogy, crystallography and analytical chemistry, he laboured also at metallurgy, and yet found time for a series of important textbooks, in which his learning and sound judgment were combined with a lucid and accurate statement of facts. He was author of (2 vols., 1841; supp. 1 8 43-53); Lehrbuch der chemischen Metallurgie (1850); Handbuch der Krystallographischen Chemie (1855); Handbuch der Mineralchemie (1860); Handbuch der Krystallographisch-physikalischen Chemie (2 vols., 1881-82), some of the earlier works being incorporated in later and more comprehensive volumes. with different titles. He died at Gross Lichterfelde, near Berlin, on the 28th of December 1899.

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