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LEONARD RAVEN-HILL (1867-), English artist and illustrator, was born on the 10th of March 1867. He was educated at Bristol grammar school and the Devon county school, and studied art at Lambeth and then in Paris under MM. Bougereau and Aime Morot. He began to exhibit at the Salon in 1887, and in the Royal Academy in 1889. In 1893 he founded, with Arnold Golsworthy, the humorous and artistic monthly The Butterfly (1893-94, revived in 1899-1900). He contributed to many illustrated magazines, and began to work for Punch, with which he was afterwards prominently associated, in 1896. He illustrated Sir Walter Besant's East London (1901) and J. H. Harris's Cornish Saints and Sinners; he published the impressions of his visit to India on the occasion of the tour of the prince and princess of Wales as An Indian Sketch-Book (1903); and his other published sketch-books include Our Battalion (1902) and The Promenaders (1894).

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