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"NEWTON WESLEY ROWELL (1867-), Canadian politician, was born Nov. i 1867 in Middlesex county, Ontario. He was called to the bar in 1891, and became head of the law firm of Rowell, Reid, Wood & Wright, Toronto; ultimately being made bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 191 1. He stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal for the Dominion Parliament at the general election of Iwo, but in 191 i was elected to the Ontario Legislative Assembly for N. Oxford. From 1911-7 he was leader of the Liberal Opposition in the Ontario Legislature. On Oct. 1917 he entered the Federal Unionist Government as president of the council and vice-chairman of the War Committee of the Cabinet, and was elected to the Dominion House of Commons for Durham county, Ontario, Dec. 1917. He was a member of the Imperial War Cabinet and Imperial War Conference, 1918; Canadian Government representative at the International Labour Conference at Washington, 1919; and a Canadian delegate to the first assembly of the League of Nations at Geneva, 1920. He resigned his seat in Parliament in May 1921.

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