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RABA BEN JOSEPH BEN HAMA (c. 280-352), Babylonian rabbi or amora. He is closely associated in his studies with Abaye. The latter was head of the Academy at Pumbeditha. Raba founded a new school at Mahuza, which eventually became so long as Raba lived the only academy in Babylonia (Persia). The development of Talmudic Law (or Halakhah) was much indebted to this rabbi, whose influence in all branches. of Jewish learning was supreme. His friendship with the King Shapur II. enabled Raba to secure a relaxation of the oppressive laws enacted against the Jews of Persia.

See Graetz, History of the Jews; (Eng. trans., vol. ii. ch. xxi.);. Bacher, Agada der Babyl. Amorder, p. 108, &c. and 114-133. (I. A.)

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